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    The sale of inherited real estate redefined

We are your competent and trustworthy partner for qualified real estate valuation, real estate marketing and estate settlement from one reputable source in the region of Nordfriesland, Dithmarschen, Sankt Peter-Ording and the whole of Eiderstedt - we are at home here, we know our way around.


In our work we do not only take into account the real estate, but we determine and evaluate any tangible assets present in an estate, such as historical pieces of furniture, art objects; even entire collections of vehicles or pieces of jewelry from your inheritance.  We take care of the sale.


In this way, our clients achieve additional sales proceeds, which often far exceed their expectations. The complete handling, from the valuation of the property to the handover to the buyer, as well as the partly-free dissolution of the remaining household and “leftovers” as an exclusive service from a serious hand. You hand over the house key to us, lean back and relax - then come back only at the agreed notary appointment – that is our claim.

Take advantage of our expertise and comprehensive support in estate settlement:

✔️ Qualified real estate valuation and transparent marketing

✔️ Expert and serious valuation of the estate in the real estate

✔️ Exclusive brokerage of antiques, art and tangible assets. purchase of precious metals such as gold and jewelry

✔️ Partly-free household liquidation in case of order to sell the real estate


Real estate, tangible assets and estate organisation

For relatives, the handling of an estate after a bereavement in the family is usually an additional heavy burden. In addition to the wave of emotions, there are usually very sudden tasks and questions to be clarified. Many tasks usually have to be promptly attended and well organized; which is often an overwhelming and very costly undertaking for private individuals and communities of heirs. Inheritance usually includes, first and foremost, an inventory of furniture, household items and vehicles. These are sometimes very emotionally-weighty material assets such as antiques, art and lovingly cherished collector's items. In addition, there are usually inherited jewelry, precious metals (such as silverware) as well as gold and silver.

Together we look through your estate property for valuables and also take care of the junk and the household clearance. Afterwards, you will receive recommendations for action from us and, if desired, we will also establish contacts to auction houses, collectors and suitable addresses. Especially in the case of communities of heirs, a transparent and legally secure sale can be guaranteed for all parties involved.


Especially when real estate is part of the inheritance, a quick and uncomplicated, as well as legally secure, procedure is often required. Here we can competently assist you.


We support you with proven expertise and many years of experience in the sale of your real estate as well as in the settlement of your estate. This includes not only the certified valuation of the property and a modern marketing of the inherited residential property, but we also take care of the complete estate settlement including household liquidation and inventory of your inherited property with the highest level of expertise and the best contacts.


We also provide you with transparent support in the purchase or brokerage of antiques, works of art and other valuables.

Secure our extensive expertise in:

  • Certified real estate valuation

  • Qualified real estate brokerage

  • Antiques expertise

  • Selected auction house brokerage

  • Purchase of precious metals and jewelry

  • Mediation to selected dealers and connoisseurs

  • Expertise art and examination of jewelry & precious metals by experts on TV

We also take over for you the organization, scheduling and mediation of:

  • Specialized craft companies

  • Furniture transport & moving companies

  • Clearing companies

  • Cleaning companies

  • Household liquidations

​ Selling the inherited property safely, seriously, transparently and stress-free at the best price

We can support you promptly with the following challenging questions concerning inherited real estate, inherited apartments or the inherited house together with the estate and inventory:


  • What value can be set for the inventory and the tangible assets in the estate with legal certainty?

  • How and where can these be sold or disposed of in a transparent and reputable manner for the community of heirs and who exactly will take care of this?

  • How does one organize the household liquidation and the entire estate settlement if one is not on site or has the possibility to be on site regularly?

  • How is the property valued?

  • What is the value of the property and what value can be set for marketing?

We offer you a round of expert advice including individually tailored solutions and take the time to answer all your questions.

As a traditional and down-to-earth family business, we are your local partner and provide you with trustworthy and transparent support for all matters, the complete organization and handling.


Together with our regional partners we find a solution for all upcoming tasks, starting with household clearance and cleaning of the property up to all services around house and garden. 


An IHK-certified real estate valuation of your property and inheritance real estate is the basis for a serious, safe, transparent and successful estate settlement and real estate brokerage.

We look forward to a no-obligation consultation with you, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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Catherine Willer

Appointment coordination

Organization project planning

+494862 / 997 3000

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Kai Willer

Real estate agent IHK

Valuation IHK

estate organization

+49159 / 065 55 949

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Reinhold Ristl

real estate agent

real estate appraisal

+49176 / 471 451 73


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What our clients have to share about us.

"Very competent advice and all-round support or package and with a committed and successful brokerage activity that went beyond the expected level, which quickly led to the sale. Thank you very much."

Dorothee B. – Germany

“Great flexibility when visiting. Employees extremely competent, professional, uncomplicated. Realistic assessment of the value of the property, the selling price achieved exceeded my expectations!” 

Ute M. – Switzerland

“Herr Willer is extremely professional and he clearly cares for his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Willer Immobilien whether you are buying or selling a property. Wonderful support team and exceptional service throughout.” 

James J. – Great Britain

"Verysympathetic and competent advice and support! A big thank you and an absolute recommendation.” 

Pascal M. – Germany

"We would like to thank you again for the great execution of the entire sale and would like to recommend you to Mr. Willer without reservation. This was not our first property sale through an agent, but this sale with you was by far the most professional. From the first conversation We knew we were in good hands. You took care of everything conscientiously. When it came to more complex situations and issues, you showed a brave mind and had a solution ready. We could always rely on you. The contact with the interested parties and the mediation The new owners were extremely committed and friendly. The marketing was carried out promptly and you also exceeded the purchase price you determined. Conclusion: We are completely satisfied and happy, things couldn't have gone better."

Marianne und Steffen F. – Germany

"Extraordinary specialist knowledge. Responds promptly and competently. Skilled in dealing with interested parties. Good market knowledge. Reliable team. Unreserved recommendation."

Kornelia K. – Germany

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